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Jill Firth - equine back specialist

Back Specialist

Jill has worked as a horse and dog back specialist since Dec 2000. Find out more about her experience, training & qualifications.

Contact Jill Firth

Contact Jill

Contact Jill to discuss your dog or horse problem

McTimoney Treatment for horses

Equine Treatment

Why your horse may need McTimoney animal treatment. Back problems, lameness problems - how Jill can help you and your horse.

McTimoney Treatment for dogs

Dog Treatment

Some of the lameness and mobility problems affecting dogs, the causes, and how McTimoney animal treatment can help.

Equine Massage

Equine Massage

The benefits of Equine Massage


Horse Back or Mobility Problem

Self help/DIY: what you can do to avoid, or even fix, a back or mobility problem in your horse.


Dog Back or Mobility Problem

Self help/DIY: learn how assess your dog's mobility and what you can do to help.


Dog Training

Training your dog for Canine Sports - racing, flyball, agility, obedience, field trials

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