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Established in 2000, trusted by vets, favoured by owners - Jill Firth: helping your horse or dog with back and mobility problems

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Jill Firth - equine back specialist

Back Specialist

Jill has worked as a horse and dog back specialist since Dec 2000. Find out more about her experience, training & qualifications.

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McTimoney Treatment for horses

Equine Treatment

Why your horse may need McTimoney animal treatment. Back problems, lameness problems - how Jill can help you and your horse.

McTimoney Treatment for dogs

Dog Treatment

Some of the lameness and mobility problems affecting dogs, the causes, and how McTimoney animal treatment can help.

Equine Massage

Equine Massage

The benefits of Equine Massage


Horse Back or Mobility Problem

Self help/DIY: what you can do to avoid, or even fix, a back or mobility problem in your horse.


Dog Back or Mobility Problem

Self help/DIY: learn how assess your dog's mobility and what you can do to help.


Dog Training

Training your dog for Canine Sports - racing, flyball, agility, obedience, field trials

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McTimoney Equine Therapy and massage

This site explains all about McTimoney animal treatment for horses and dogs. Jill Firth is a McTimoney animal practitioner, an equine and canine back specialist, who uses techniques taught by the McTimoney College of Chiropractic on their Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation - in which Jill is qualified at Distinction level. However, Jill has a range of techniques at her disposal including: soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, stretches and exercises as well as being able to discuss rehabilitation and general management issues that could affect the long term well-being of your animal. Jill is also a qualified Lecturer in Animal and Equine Science. Her areas of specialist knowledge include:-

  • Equine Sports Medicine
  • Equine Exercise Physiology
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Nutrition

Using this wealth of knowledge and experience, Jill can discuss other avenues and approaches to the correction of musculo-skeletal imbalances, asymmetries, locomotory, other back problems and even behavioural problems in your dog or horse.

Equine lameness and back problems

The horse section explains how McTimoney animal treatment can help - obvious cases are bad or sore backs, stiffness, falls, reduced or poor performance and other equitation problems. The structure of the spine/vertebrae is explained along with what can go wrong in terms of joint function and how this can lead to muscle spasm and further problems..

Canine back problems

For dog owners, the dog section gives a similar explanation of how a dog's back can be affected by both work and play activities, what can go wrong and how the McTimoney animal treatment can help.

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